Friday, 16 September 2016

Calendar Art T3

Description: this term we have been working on art for our colanders for 2017! This piece down below is the piece I worked on, the rest of the class worked on different pieces but the same style. Suzanne helped us. We used Eric Carl as inspiration for our art, our art is based on the drunkards pattern that people use with fabric but we used paper. What we had to do was texturise some paper with paint and using a pencils make small designs on a different piece of paper then we used a reference picture to base our art from.

Here is a picture of my art.

Feedback: Awesome art Devin! I could tell that it was animals!
Feedforward: Something you could work on is maybe add a bit more detail to the background.-Emma O

Evaluation: I think I did well this time by finishing early and I think it looks great! Next time I think I could work on making the pieces join together more evenly giving it an nice finish

Monday, 5 September 2016

ET Reo P.P term 3

Description:this term in ET Reo we have been learning about whakatauki. A whakatauki is a saying or a quote like 'He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata, He tangata, He tangata.' which in English is 'what is the most important thing in the world? The people, The people, The people.' And so this is my post about what I did for this whakatauki. We decided to make a portrait of someone we would like to meet most in the world. I had a bit of trouble deciding who i want to meet most out of: Matthias, PrestonPlayz and Knuckles from sonic x (what's wrong! I'm allowed to like sonic!) but eventually i choose Matthias.

Here is a photo of the picture i referenced off, the picture basically finished(i got plenty of time but i was able to finish all i needed to do was cut Matthias out.) and the picture of all the people that did get theirs finished on the wall.

Reference photo:

My picture: 

The wall of the other drawings. (thanks Naomi for the photo.):

Feedback:  I think you have done good at adding the shades and detail    
Feedforward:next time maybe you could try to finish it so you're pitcher could go on the wall that would be cool.-Naomi 

Evaluation: I think I did pretty good for my second time and that next time I could try harder to finish and cut in time.

Sunday, 4 September 2016