Thursday, 23 June 2016

Te Reo term two

For Te Reo this term we had to make a game to help learn the items on this photo. I made some flash cards with my buddy Emma O. 

Here is a few pictures of the process we took to make these cards and some instructions if you want to male some too.

Step 1)  get a large piece of blank paper or card

Step 2) draw even lines on the paper make sure the squares (or rectangles) are big enough to fit the words and small enough to fit enough squares to fit all your words (you might need to get two pieces of paper/card)

Step 3) write the words down! (make sure to spell the words correctly!)

Step 4) then cut them out (BE CAREFUL YOU MIGHT CUT YOURSELF!!!)

Step 5) draw on the back what the words mean and the word just In case the people playing can't guess what the drawing is



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