Thursday, 23 June 2016

Sea Turtle writing

Description: For writing this term, we were told to watch this video and make a piece of nonfiction writing with a paragraph of each fact.

Here is the video that we had to watch.

as you can see there is a lot of info that we had to put into writing, but we got facts that we heard the person say in this video.

here is my writing so far.

Sea Turtles

Turtles. Sea Turtles live in a dark watery
 abyss, also known as the ocean. This is called a habitat, its called a habitat because that is their home or where they live like we live in a house that is our habitat. The ocean is their habitat because that's where they thrive. They live there because their food lives in the ocean.

Sea Turtles have been around since the late Jurassic, roughly 150 million years ago! WOW Sea Turtles are old! Sea turtles have lived this long because they are smart and have good protection on their backs known as shells. Although now that humans are around the Sea Turtles are becoming extinct because of pollution and food.

When Sea Turtles lay eggs they lay them in a pit in the sand to protect the eggs then the mother leaves never to be seen again. The mother lays about 1000 eggs! How you ask? Let me tell you something interesting… I don't know!!!

Te Reo term two

For Te Reo this term we had to make a game to help learn the items on this photo. I made some flash cards with my buddy Emma O. 

Here is a few pictures of the process we took to make these cards and some instructions if you want to male some too.

Step 1)  get a large piece of blank paper or card

Step 2) draw even lines on the paper make sure the squares (or rectangles) are big enough to fit the words and small enough to fit enough squares to fit all your words (you might need to get two pieces of paper/card)

Step 3) write the words down! (make sure to spell the words correctly!)

Step 4) then cut them out (BE CAREFUL YOU MIGHT CUT YOURSELF!!!)

Step 5) draw on the back what the words mean and the word just In case the people playing can't guess what the drawing is



Bookapedia term 2 research skills

Skill 1:
TITLE: skimming and scanning
WALT: create criteria to evaluate sources
So Suzanne asked us if we could try skimming over this page about Japan's new train
So we did she asked us five and we had to answer them and then we had to do some research for our science 

Skill 2:
TITLE: Summarising
WALT: Persist to find information to gain a wider perspective

This week we were asked to find reasons why we don't want to be one if these people

Roman Galdiator
Sir Frances Drake
WWII pilot
Medieval knight
Mammoth hunter
Amelia Earhart

I chose Amelia Earheart.
This is why I wouldn't want to be Amelia

Title: note taking
WALT: organize our notes to make connections and find gaps.

For this task we could research anything we wanted but were needed to take notes about what your researching. Im researching the history of sketching. 

                                                           COMING SOON!!!!!!!!

Evaluation: this term I think I have learned a lot in Bookapidea. I personally think that summarizing was the hardest because its hard to remember everything and wrote the sentence in your own words.
I also think skimming and scanning is the easiest because your quickly looking over the page for facts to write down ( or you just want to become smart ;). ) next time I think we should work on summarizing the most. Devin 

Feedback: great job I think that was very cool. -Emma O
Feedforward: I think you should have more facts on the fact tree. -Maya L

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Science 1

For the first three weeks of science I did seed2table and the science was growing plants but changing the way you do it. For me I changed the temperature  of the water from 38 degrees to 6 degrees. I did this with partners Telaina and Emma M. We needed to put our info into a slide.

So here's our slide

Feedback: I liked how changed the temperature to see what plants did grow.
Feedforward: maybe next time you could try two things. Give it water and the temperature.
From Abigail.

Evaluation: I think that we had a good idea to change the temperatures of the water to see what temperature would help the plant grow the most next time we could choose different plants to see which one grows better.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Cross country goal term 2

My goal for cross country is to try my best at not stopping because i absolutly despise cross country and stop running for a while so i will try my best to jog the whole way