Thursday, 26 May 2016

Writing priority

Description: for our writing priority Emma o and I did the dice game here is how we played emma wrote a different story from me but its still great so check out her blog to see her story.There was dice1 and dice2 up on the board, in the column dice 1. We had to have 2 dice and one person had to roll one Dice and the other person had to roll the other dice, then whatever number got you would have to write a sentence being that thing

                                           Dice 2                  
                                           1 short sentence 2-4 words
                                            2. Alliteration
Dice 1                                  3. Onomatopoeia                                                    
1 what you see.                   4. Long compound sentence                                                      
2 what you do.                      5.similie
3 what you say.                     6. Medium sentence
4 what you think. 
5 what you hear.

This is my story

Feedback: Thats very good work. I liked how you worked with a buddy and made it realistic.
Feedforward: (Just saying... You were suppose to do a cross country recount.) maybe next time you could work by your self or make a poster or something so it's a bit different when you present it.
Abby Y

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