Friday, 27 May 2016

Math portfolio post term 2

Description: this week for math James's math groups had to make somthing like a quiz, Kahoot etc
For other people in James's groups to do. I decided to do a Kahoot with Patrick but.......... we haven't finished it yet heh heh, but I shall take one photo only for a sneak peak on the questions.

We added in some divided by 5 questions because that's what we were learning about at that time 
I learnt that its easier to divide by 5 by dividing by 10 first if you divide by 10 then double the answer then you get the answer for e.g 345 divided by 5.

Feedback: I like how you and Patrick used easy, medium and hard so that people can know where they are up to in their maths.
Feedforward: You could say what you learnt during this task? Telaina 

Evaluation: I think that when Patrick and I started this task that we wobbled a little for what questions  we could use and how we should grade them easy,medium or hard now we've got the hang of it and were aiming to have a really great Kahoot? Next time I think we could add some really easy questions so people can still work on them if they forgot the easy facts. Devin

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  1. I love the way that you and Patrick 'wobbled' a bit Devin! This is a great thing to extend your learning further.