Friday, 4 March 2016

One word sample

Description: We made some art that shows our one word in a sign. We decided to do a pose that looked like we were holding a sign the we drew out some designs for what we wanted our one word sign to look out of my two designs I chose the moustache design as you will see I am holding my sign  above my head.

Feedback:good job with choosing the word.
Feedfoward:maybe next time make it clearer. Naomi

Thanks nay nay for the feedback and feed forward I will certainly make it clearer next time.

Evaluation: I think that my piece of art work looks really cool and kind of helped me with my word truth it helped me start to think that I can do anything in the timeline I am given. Next time I think I could work on making the moustaches look more realistic and make the sign more readable.


  1. Love your art Devin! Great job! How has 'truth' inspired your learning so far this year?

  2. Thanks Elly truth has helped me make better decisions especially now when I have a whole lot on my mind with birthdays school and other things that is how it has helped me