Friday, 18 March 2016

My Whakapapa/family tree

Description: for e te Reo this year we made our family tree if rolled my blog last year the you would know what it is if you don't then you can't check out my last years blog post a family tree is when you write all of your relatives down and connect them to each other and you.

Here is my family tree 

Feedback: it's really cool how you did your family in a tree .Emma

Feedforward: Next time you could try to make the colours really pop .Emma


  1. I like how you have gone up to great grandparents because it is good to know your family tree.
    next time you can make names bigger and more clearer to read

  2. I agree with Jack - great that you were able to go as far back as your great grandparents. It is so special to have a record like this of your family Devin. I know that I treasure knowing as much about my family as possible. I wonder if you know a story/something special about each person on your family tree?

    1. I know quite a few story's about my dad and his stitches! One about uncle nick thinking he killed my father my favourite story