Wednesday, 16 March 2016

2016 camp diary portfolio post

Description: so as you may know we went on camp last week but we also decided to keep note or write down in our camp diary so if you prefer what we did that day and ups and downs we had ten activities and we did them all including a few extra some of the activities included: rafts kyaks archery air rifles etc etc. the camp we went to was named el rancho catchy name. El rancho is heaps of and enjoyment but it is in wakanae New Zealand must suck for the people who do not live in New Zealand and want to have a fun camp. If you want to look ant what our camp diary looks when not written in look below. Below there is also photos of my camp diary.

Feedback: I like how in you showed one of your personality in what you enjoyed the most and I like how you didn't tell.
Feed forward: I think that next time you should take a more focused pictures.

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  1. Glad to hear that kayaking was such a highlight for you Devin! Love it! Who would have thought that you could even stand up without falling in!

    You were quite homesick on the first day - missing your family. Am I right in thinking that it got easier as the camp went on? I was so proud of the way you coped being away from your family.