Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Treaty of waitangi questions

Description: today we have been talking about the treaty of waitangi we needed to come up with some open questions ( a open question is when you get a more detailed answer than yes or no) to figure out about the treaty of waitangi here are my questions

1.there was no exact answer so I altered the question a bit to why do we celebrate Waitangi Day we celebrate it to commemorate the signing of the treaty of waitangi for peace and for the queen of England to govern New Zealand.

2.some signers were chief hono heke and his wife hariata

3. There was no exact place where the Chiefs signed the treaty because the English had to go round the whole of New Zealand for all of the cheifs to sign the treaty.

4.there was not a time they had to sign it by but it took around eight months for the British to get round New Zealand for most of the moari Chiefs to sign the treaty.

5.for this question I didn't get an answer so here is what I thought: I think that the cheifs should want to sign the treaty but some of them needed persuading because they wanted for the agreement to be fair for some parts of land.

6.The treaty of waitangi is new Zealand's document that takes its name where it was signed in the bay of islands on the 6 of February 1840. The treaty is an agreement in moari and English that was made in between the British crown and at least 540 moari cheifs

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