Monday, 29 February 2016

Active listening sample

Description: This morning I got into a group of four, For a video about listening. The video needed to be at least thirty seconds long ( half a minute.) the three listening types were active listening,busy listening and me too listening

Big Idea:
 I don't know much about these because I wasn't at school for the past few days but my theory is that active listening is when you just listen with no distractions, busy listening is when your busy doing other things while listening and me too listening is somebody says something that they did or what they got when going out shopping and you say "me too!"

Feed back: I think was a really good video 
Feed forward: I think that you could speak louder because I could not hear it so good. Maya

Evaluation: I think I did well on the video for not really knowing anything about the different types of listening but I think next time we could talk a little louder.

I think that I am a active listener because I'm always listening when I'm on the mat and focused.

1 comment:

  1. You have created a great little movie showcasing 3 different types of listening! Well done! I feel bad, because we put a time limit that said it could only be 30 seconds! You really needed a bit of extra time didn't you? Sorry about that. Considering you were away for a few days, you have done extremely well at figuring this all out Devin! I agree that you are an active listener on the mat. How about with your friends? How is that all going?