Monday, 29 February 2016

Active listening sample

Description: This morning I got into a group of four, For a video about listening. The video needed to be at least thirty seconds long ( half a minute.) the three listening types were active listening,busy listening and me too listening

Big Idea:
 I don't know much about these because I wasn't at school for the past few days but my theory is that active listening is when you just listen with no distractions, busy listening is when your busy doing other things while listening and me too listening is somebody says something that they did or what they got when going out shopping and you say "me too!"

Feed back: I think was a really good video 
Feed forward: I think that you could speak louder because I could not hear it so good. Maya

Evaluation: I think I did well on the video for not really knowing anything about the different types of listening but I think next time we could talk a little louder.

I think that I am a active listener because I'm always listening when I'm on the mat and focused.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Treaty of waitangi project

Description: this week we have been working on some ways we give facts about the treaty of waitangi.I decided to make a Mincraft world with facts about the treaty in builds and in signs. Mincraft is a game where you can let your imagination run wild you can build anything you want in creative in survival well you need to survive.

Here is a few pictures of my builds!

We were learning about the treaty of waitangi so I made a Mincraft world and started building things that have to do with the facts I found out. Like the few pictures of the north island that took me a while to make and the queen statue with the sign saying that she is the new governor of New Zealand so those are my builds and facts. It took me about two hours to build but I learnt that the treaty's facts can be shown in any way possible maybe even when sky diving!

Feedback: it think that making the north island in minecraft was very creative.

Feed forward: next time you should work on giving a story to the builds.

Evaluation:I think that I did well on my builds in Mincraft and that the build of the north island went really well but next time I think I could work on doing the whole of New Zealand and more statues and things for different facts on the treaty of waitangi.

This is what our goals were for what we wanted to do for our presentation. I aimed for relational

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Treaty of waitangi questions

Description: today we have been talking about the treaty of waitangi we needed to come up with some open questions ( a open question is when you get a more detailed answer than yes or no) to figure out about the treaty of waitangi here are my questions

1.there was no exact answer so I altered the question a bit to why do we celebrate Waitangi Day we celebrate it to commemorate the signing of the treaty of waitangi for peace and for the queen of England to govern New Zealand.

2.some signers were chief hono heke and his wife hariata

3. There was no exact place where the Chiefs signed the treaty because the English had to go round the whole of New Zealand for all of the cheifs to sign the treaty.

4.there was not a time they had to sign it by but it took around eight months for the British to get round New Zealand for most of the moari Chiefs to sign the treaty.

5.for this question I didn't get an answer so here is what I thought: I think that the cheifs should want to sign the treaty but some of them needed persuading because they wanted for the agreement to be fair for some parts of land.

6.The treaty of waitangi is new Zealand's document that takes its name where it was signed in the bay of islands on the 6 of February 1840. The treaty is an agreement in moari and English that was made in between the British crown and at least 540 moari cheifs

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

One word goals 2016

W.A.L.T: to set goals


Description: today we are setting one word goals. One word goals are when you choose a word that you can look onto as your goal for the year to make you a better person inside and out (e.g kindness this is my goal because i find myself getting in lots of fights with my sister.) my one word is truth this my one word because I don't always tell the truth when there is something happening that hurts me or my friends, the word truth means telling people if something is going on and not telling black lies.