Friday, 25 September 2015

Tic tac toes term 3

Description: this term for reading we do tic tac toes as I may have talked to you about in previous blog posts. So for this tic tac toe we had to write down what we could do to help a person that got bitten by a poisonous spider. If you write 10 souloutions you are a novice and 20 is pro.

Here is a picture of my tic tac toe.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Te Reo

Description: this term we are doing te Reo it is when we learn Maori instead of doing kappa haka we hMave been learning about the moari body we had to make any kind of presentation that our chosen audience can understand for audience I chose an adult diagram!

Bi: we made a poster for adults and we took a photo of a person (me) for a background and then we put the moari words and English words by the body part! For some we used the song to tenana ki roto a.k.a the hokey pokey 

Evaluation: I think that I could work on making it more for adults but I think it would be good material for teenagers. 

Feedback: The poster is very good & might make some smiles on adults.
Feed forward: next time you can work on is not typing to fast because there is M in have in the Description.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Passion project term 3

Description: this term I am doing passion projects for my passion project I am doing SPCA cupcake day although it has already been now in the stage I am in is planning for next years cupcake day. I have been sorting out a pni with the people I am working with for passion project. A pni is: P stands for positive N stands for negative and I stands for ideas so I am making a pni list for next years SPCA cupcake crew!

This is a photo of things we could Improve.

And this is a photo of the day!

Bi: a passion project is when your passionate about something and bring it to life this term I worked with Abby again and Olivia F. My main passion is baking but I know next term I will be really interested in something else because minds change.

Evaluation: when I started I thought wow I can't wait this is going to be easy! But as the time went past it got harder. But in the end it went GREAT! I think that used my time wisely I even catched  up to my class learning next I want to work making the cupcake day more organised than this year.


Production maths!

Description: we are learning multiplication and division. this term we are doing production so we decided to do some maths on it my math group is with my new teacher rebbeca we have been doing for our production we did division and multiplication.

This is the question photo

This is my first question that I did for math!

Bi: the first question was a division question so the question is 52 divided by 8 and I used my happy hundreds board to work it out the answer was 6 remainder 4. a remainder is when there are some left.

This is my second question!

Bi: the second question was a multiplication question so the question is 6x4 and I used my happy hundreds board to work it out the answer was 24  I know this because I know 16+8=24 I used my 4 and 2 times tables to work it out.

Evaluation: I think that the first the first question was a bit hard because I don't really know my divided by's but it was good practice
I think I could work on using my 2s 4s & 3 times tables more often in division

Feedback: I like the way u put it into a poster. Ross
Feedforward: I think you could work on your divisions without using 2s 3s & 4 times tables. Ross