Monday, 7 December 2015

Our poetry slideshow!

Description: in Troys writing we had to make some cinquains ( cinquains are a Christmas tree shape and their like that because of the amount of syllables in each line 1. 2 sounds 2. 4 sounds 3. 6 sounds 4. 8 sounds 5. 2 sounds/ syllables) and free verse ( free verse poems are when you can do anything with it and it doesn't have to rhyme) and put them on a google slide and decorate it.

Here is the link to the slide

Feedback:I read your poems and felt so many strong emotions Devin. You are an amazing writer

Feed forward: keep writing as you have a real talent. We talked about your title and I am glad you changed "nice" to lovely. Make sure the words you use really describe how you feel. Charlotte 

Evaluation: I think that I  did well on my poems because of how emotional it makes me feel but next time I could make the free verse poem easier to read.

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