Friday, 27 November 2015


Description: in Troys writing group we are learning cinquains they are when you have a certain amount of syllables per 5 lines line one is 2 syllables line two is 4 syllables line 3 is 6 syllables line 4 is 8 syllables and line 5 is 2 syllables. Here is one of my cinquains for this cinquain we had to make it about our passion my passion is YouTube 


                                                 My whole life

                                   Laughing, Minecrafting, Gaming
                                     Wishing to meet them forever

 I think that you did a good job.
I think that You need to work on your language.harriet

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Free verse poetry

In my bed reading, 
Silent sorry rivers streaming down down down, 
A cruel school, 
A servant girl, 
No imagining,
No pa pa, 
No fun, 
Why, why, why was that era so harsh?
Your sad ring has made me feel love, 
Thanks little princess you are forever in my heart.

Evaluation: I think that the sense I used (feel) worked really well in my poem, and I think that when I used repitition it helped my poem to stand out a bit more. I think that next time I could add more descriptive words to explain the time it took place. 

Friday, 6 November 2015

Self managing

Description: this term we are putting our selfs on the agency wall I putting myself on self managing because I think I need to make better choices about my independent learning. We used a student agency framework page to help us find our goals.

Here is a photo of the sheet:

My goal is: I make good choices about my independent learning activities so I can meet the weekly requirements.

I can achieve this goal by: choosing better places to work on my activities for the requirements.