Thursday, 15 October 2015

Term 4 reading

Description: this term for reading we are doing book bash. Book bash is when you choose three of ten books on a survey and read one of them with a group that wants to read the book to but with a teacher before you start reading though you need to make a predictor about what you think the book is going to be about. My book is the spiral chrysalis

This is what hooked me in:

Title: the title of the the book got me thinking if I read this what would happen would there be a town 
inside the chrysalis? Or would there be something magnificent so I decided to find out. I thought that maybe the chrysalis was a rare butt fly that hatches after 1000 years.

Blurb: what hooked me in from the blurb was that it said don't breath on it or else it will die that hooked me on because if it were to die if you breathed on it wouldn't the make it die because the wind is kind of like human breath.

Cover design: the cover design hooked me in because of the way the curly white lines make the cover look magical a magical book hooks me in because I love how if you believe in magic then you can believe that anything can happen.

Prediction: I think the person is going to breath on the chrysalis and something bad is going to happen. 

Now that we've read the first few chapters we need to create six questions and answer all or three of them here is my buddies first few questions

1) create a new character for the story. Here is my character Her name is toycia

2) what is your opinion of the doors? I think that the doors are a wonderful addition to the story because than it gives some suspense when people open the doors.

3)in your own words explain the chrysalis. It is a sapphire blue colour with a ruby red light shining through the middle it has a big spiral wrapping around it and it is as big as an bumble bee

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