Monday, 7 September 2015

Te Reo

Description: this term we are doing te Reo it is when we learn Maori instead of doing kappa haka we hMave been learning about the moari body we had to make any kind of presentation that our chosen audience can understand for audience I chose an adult diagram!

Bi: we made a poster for adults and we took a photo of a person (me) for a background and then we put the moari words and English words by the body part! For some we used the song to tenana ki roto a.k.a the hokey pokey 

Evaluation: I think that I could work on making it more for adults but I think it would be good material for teenagers. 

Feedback: The poster is very good & might make some smiles on adults.
Feed forward: next time you can work on is not typing to fast because there is M in have in the Description.

1 comment:

  1. Devin, great use of humour to grab your audiences attention, and I like that you have researched some different words to use. Maybe next time you could make sure the writing is big enough to make the words clear to the reader, or crop yourself out of the background to make the words easier to read on a plainer background.