Thursday, 3 September 2015

Passion project term 3

Description: this term I am doing passion projects for my passion project I am doing SPCA cupcake day although it has already been now in the stage I am in is planning for next years cupcake day. I have been sorting out a pni with the people I am working with for passion project. A pni is: P stands for positive N stands for negative and I stands for ideas so I am making a pni list for next years SPCA cupcake crew!

This is a photo of things we could Improve.

And this is a photo of the day!

Bi: a passion project is when your passionate about something and bring it to life this term I worked with Abby again and Olivia F. My main passion is baking but I know next term I will be really interested in something else because minds change.

Evaluation: when I started I thought wow I can't wait this is going to be easy! But as the time went past it got harder. But in the end it went GREAT! I think that used my time wisely I even catched  up to my class learning next I want to work making the cupcake day more organised than this year.


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  1. Devin your group's passion resulted in a LOT of very happy animals, you should all be very proud of your efforts. Your PMI was a great way to analyse your project and is a great resource for the team next next year.