Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Writing post term 3

Description: this term for writing I am in words for writing and we had to make a piece of writing ( any kind ) that is about life I am with Kate for words and she is teaching me a lot I chose to make a comic with my favorite book character telling a speech about life!

Here is my writing!

My goal for writing is precise nouns. Precise nouns are words describing the place that they are in, in this main character of my comic strip is Alex treveny from a graphic novel called night school.

Evaluation: I think I could get better at putting more precise nouns in my comic page
But I think I did well on it making sense and giving out a good message!

Feedback/Feedforward:I like how you made a comic an its your own  creation and it's different to normal comics people make. but I don't understand how it relates to your life and I think you need to make the pic bigger.

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  1. I love the creativity and originality you have used to produce your writing. It is great that you can use your own interests to help you with your writing. I think you have done well with your writing goal and you just to need to continue to work on this with your next pieces of writing.