Friday, 21 August 2015

Production life/Ora

Description: this term we doing production for our production theme we are doing life/Ora in poutama for life were going to be doing wearable arts and so are other classes. We split up into different production groups 1) out of Africa 2) elements 3) heroes and villains can you guess what group I'm in? 
If you guess heroes and villains you are correct I based my villan around the legend of Zelda I am going to show you along the way how my wearable arts is going you can also see when it's finished at the production if you go. My first choice was element and my second choice was heroes and villains and I got that :) to make our garments we are doing upcyling, we are using upcyling to help things to stand especially our main piece. 

Here is my plan for my  production 21/08/15

And here is my mood board we had to make a mood board for inspiration 15/08/15

These are a few photos from this week starting on Monday the 31/8/15

Number one all of then together 

Number two the staff

My step for the staff is to make the triangle in the top and stick a torch in it then paint it!

Number three boots

Number four mask

My next step for the mask is to paint the spike and finish the other Side of the face

Next things I need to make 1. Triangle for the staff. 2. Paper over lay 3. The rest of the mask!

I will talk to you again in my next update!

16/09/15 Hello again i have now finished my garment! Here is a photo of me wearing it and you can see it in action at our production at the reagent!

Number 1

Number 2

 Here is a survey of how I went.

1) The materials that I used to create my garment were: an old dress, hot glue guns, mesh paper, a mask from the 2$ store, paints, pastels, bottles, boots, bottle caps, and more!

2) The most challenging thing about production for me was: the staff because I had to glue bottle caps onto the top of the triangle and make sure I can turn on the torch inside of the staff

3) One way I demonstrated a growth mindset during production was: figuring out how I was going to put the torch inside of the staff 

4) Something I am really proud of about production was: the mask because majoras mask from engender of Zelda looks similar but more detailed.

5) Our school vision is to create agency, creativity and excellence. I showed this by: using lots of different things for my garment three is the magic number reduce reuse and RECYCLE!

I hope you had fun with me on my adventure see you at our production!

Evaluation: I think I did well on my garment but I also think what could I make better and I think i could get better at the dress because it looks a bit plain but my main piece is my mask so that needs to shine brighter than the rest!

Feed back:you did well at following your plan-gracie
Feed forward:next time you could choose different shoes because the ones that you have don't suit your garment-gracie

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  1. Devin, you knew exactly what you wanted to create from the start, and have worked hard to produce an excellent garment! I love that every production session you bettered your outfit, particularly by continuously reflecting on and developing your mask. You should be very proud of your work, bring on Monday so you can show it off!