Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Writing post term 3

Description: this term for writing I am in words for writing and we had to make a piece of writing ( any kind ) that is about life I am with Kate for words and she is teaching me a lot I chose to make a comic with my favorite book character telling a speech about life!

Here is my writing!

My goal for writing is precise nouns. Precise nouns are words describing the place that they are in, in this main character of my comic strip is Alex treveny from a graphic novel called night school.

Evaluation: I think I could get better at putting more precise nouns in my comic page
But I think I did well on it making sense and giving out a good message!

Feedback/Feedforward:I like how you made a comic an its your own  creation and it's different to normal comics people make. but I don't understand how it relates to your life and I think you need to make the pic bigger.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Production life/Ora

Description: this term we doing production for our production theme we are doing life/Ora in poutama for life were going to be doing wearable arts and so are other classes. We split up into different production groups 1) out of Africa 2) elements 3) heroes and villains can you guess what group I'm in? 
If you guess heroes and villains you are correct I based my villan around the legend of Zelda I am going to show you along the way how my wearable arts is going you can also see when it's finished at the production if you go. My first choice was element and my second choice was heroes and villains and I got that :) to make our garments we are doing upcyling, we are using upcyling to help things to stand especially our main piece. 

Here is my plan for my  production 21/08/15

And here is my mood board we had to make a mood board for inspiration 15/08/15

These are a few photos from this week starting on Monday the 31/8/15

Number one all of then together 

Number two the staff

My step for the staff is to make the triangle in the top and stick a torch in it then paint it!

Number three boots

Number four mask

My next step for the mask is to paint the spike and finish the other Side of the face

Next things I need to make 1. Triangle for the staff. 2. Paper over lay 3. The rest of the mask!

I will talk to you again in my next update!

16/09/15 Hello again i have now finished my garment! Here is a photo of me wearing it and you can see it in action at our production at the reagent!

Number 1

Number 2

 Here is a survey of how I went.

1) The materials that I used to create my garment were: an old dress, hot glue guns, mesh paper, a mask from the 2$ store, paints, pastels, bottles, boots, bottle caps, and more!

2) The most challenging thing about production for me was: the staff because I had to glue bottle caps onto the top of the triangle and make sure I can turn on the torch inside of the staff

3) One way I demonstrated a growth mindset during production was: figuring out how I was going to put the torch inside of the staff 

4) Something I am really proud of about production was: the mask because majoras mask from engender of Zelda looks similar but more detailed.

5) Our school vision is to create agency, creativity and excellence. I showed this by: using lots of different things for my garment three is the magic number reduce reuse and RECYCLE!

I hope you had fun with me on my adventure see you at our production!

Evaluation: I think I did well on my garment but I also think what could I make better and I think i could get better at the dress because it looks a bit plain but my main piece is my mask so that needs to shine brighter than the rest!

Feed back:you did well at following your plan-gracie
Feed forward:next time you could choose different shoes because the ones that you have don't suit your garment-gracie

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Reading sample term 3

Description: this term for reading we are doing tic tac toes again for those who don't know what tic tac toes are they are tasks we need to do during literacy we need to do three tic tac toes toes before Friday 
The tic tac toe I chose to do was interview. This particular tic tac toe makes you wright an interview with a character from a book or a character in real life. My character was lag seeing from a graphic novel I have at home
Here is a picture of the tic tac toe with the one I'm doing circled

This is a picture of the graphic novel I based the interview about it is called tegami bachi 

Big idea/learning
My goal in literacy is questioning I know I'm getting better at my goal because before I read I come up with this question and sometimes I come up with question during and after the reason why I'm getting better is because I have amazing teachers that can teach really well 

Here is my interview story

Interview with lag seeing 

Hello everyone today we have a special letter bee guest laaaaggg seeing!
So tell me lag what did you first feel like when gauche first met you? Umm well it's kinda hard to remember but I felt really angry inside because before I met gauche my mother had been taken away into this strange light near yussari, then next thing you know I found myself under this strange cross thingy and gauche told me to eat some yucky soup after that he told me to rest up and he used my name then I got really confused with anger and I shouted "WHY DID YOU TAKE MAMA INTO THE STRANGE LIGHT? You are the bad person aren't you? Then he told me he was a letter bee he also told me I was a letter I thought my mum would never abandon me instead of listening he picked me up and started taking me some where when he put me down I met his dingo rodda excuse me but what is a dingo? Oh a dingo a dingo is a letter bees companion just like Connors dingo and trust me they are exactly alike anyway rodda was kind of like me she had no mother she didn't like that pukey soup and she loved to play a little while after I met my first gaichu excuse me again can you explain what a gaichu is for our viewers who don't know what a gaichu is? Of course a gaichu is a menacing creature with no heart It's just a whole bunch of armour gauche taught me the only way to kill a gaichu is with a shindanju they way you kill is between the weak points a.k.a the open joints in the armour, a shindanju is a type of gun powered by spirit Amber the gun houses special bullets that hold fragments of the bees heart it takes a about a day for the heart to fully recover.

So lag tell me what it's like being a living shindanju?
Well its actually amazing because when I first gauche sister sylvette I got to see the heart in gauche's gun now every time I make a delivery I can shoot gauche's gun and think of such a good friend he was and after every delivery I can go home to sylvette who gave me a spare room that wasn't being used anymore but she would normally make that pukey soup for dinner.

Okay tell me about niche how is it having a child of maka as a dingo?
Well she is kinda self centred but she is a trustworthy dingo a little bit dangerous when she first flew over me I kinda regretted having here a dingo what lag does not want niche as a dingo? What no of course I want you for my dingo your amazing why are you here anyway I told you to stay with sylvette! Hey niche get back here sylvette what are doing here also I'm in the middle of an interview sorry lag but niche keep running away saying niche is not a failure I must be with lag everywhere! Awwww niche you are not a failure you protect me you have to be the best dingo ever! Other than rodda. Niche met rodda she said I was a failure no niche you are not a failure okay!

Can I ask niche a few questions yeah sure 
Okay niche how are you planning to cook steak when you the chance?
Niche gonna cook steak nice and crispy so niche hunger can get full then niche won't have to eat pukey soup for a month
Okay not really the answer I was hoping for anyway niche do you like being lags dingo? And helping him on deliveries? Niche must protect lag niche loves to be lags dingo
Not the answer I was hoping for either oh well I just need to ask two more questions niche how old are you? niche does not know
Okay then niche how many names have you had? Niche does not know 

Well that's it folks see you all next week with a very famous guest!

Feedback: I really like your story because it makes sense.
Feedforward: next time use full stops.

Evaluation: I think I did well on the interview story because I did it by myself and I really put into the pit even though there are only ten questions it took me nearly the whole of literacy to come up with the questions and write them down in a parable form but I think that I can work on next time is reading it out loud editing and making sure that there is Capital letters full stops and that it makes sense.