Wednesday, 17 June 2015

writing with elly

description: my goal for writing is conjunctions. To achieve this goal Elly's writing group made little story's .

Success criteria

. To make a plan to do the story so it isn't weird

. Put it in a blog post 

We went through multiple plans like: burger plan( there are five parts to this plan but I forgot what they are) the plan were we describe the people in the story and they plan were we set the place.

Here are some pictures of my plans

Here is my story

Evaluation: I think I haven't achieved my goal just yet but I'm going to keep trying because in the end I'll get there but my new goal should be complex sentences because I haven't used it at all!

Feedback/feed forward: I have seen you at writing time and your head down doing your work! You could say what the high lighted bits are for your writing because other people won't know what there for. 

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  1. Oh Devin - I disagree! I think you have achieved your goal! Here are some examples...
    * "Sometime later in the afternoon"
    * "Suddenly"
    * "One boiling hot day"
    * "When they got home"