Thursday, 11 June 2015

Math Portfolio sample

Description: we are are learning about addition and subtraction strategies in math we were giving a piece of paper with a rebel sport catalogue it had 4 questions on the bottom to figure out with strategies here are some of them
. Rounding and compensating (it is when you round the number to the nearest ten or hundred and compensate the number you added or add the number you take away)
. Place value partitioning ( it is when you add one part of the number with the other part of the number to make the sum easier eg: 345+455=800

For question 1 I used rounding and compensating and place value partitioning)
379+345=? 724!!!!!
1 rounding and compensating) 379+1=380,345+5=350,350+380=730-6=724
2 place value partitioning) 300+300=600,70+40=110,9+5=14,110+600=710+14=724

Feedback/feedforward: I like the way you did everything on your blog.
Next time you can do a paragraph so everyone can read it easily shaiv.

Evaluation: I think I did well on rounding and compensating but I think I need to work on doubles.

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