Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Writing task 3

Task: to imagine that in your dream one of these abandoned places
Then write a story

Here is my story:
Last night I dreamed that I was in an abandoned fair ground. I heard footsteps coming  closer and closer I started to run, the footsteps got faster and faster, in my head I was thinking " who is this person chasing me? Is it even a person?" I got to the edge of the water. I jumped, it didn't go well,the water was covered in ICE! The ice cracked I fell in th hyperborean water, I scrambled out of the frigid water, it was hard but I did it. I ran again, the dark figure stopped me I struggled to get away, after two minutes of struggling I finally got free! I clambered onto the Ferris wheel, it gave a mighty jerk, it started rolling I knew what was going to happen next, the Ferris wheel crushed the town and I was to blame. I gave in to the dark figure I let it kill me.

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