Thursday, 12 February 2015

Term 1 Math test mania

Description: we did some tests to see were we are at for math this year I got really frustrated not being able to finish the second test. The highlights are pink for what I need to work on yellow for what I have achieved.

Here is some photos of my tests 

 Stage 5 test

Stage 4 test

My first goal is to round numbers to 10 and 100 
I will achieve this by practicing three times a day at school and at home.
Some day I will be higher than anyone at school at math
I will have achieved this on the 28th/2/15

I learned that if you want 36 to go to the nearest 10 add four and you get 40

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  1. Good SMART goal Devin. I like how you added how and when you want to achieve this goal. Good luck!