Monday, 15 September 2014

Reading Workshop 14 Reading portfolio sample T3

GET IT...use a range of sources by questioning and predicting
SORT IT...analyse and sort information to answer my question: see if my thinking has changed, look for patterns by questioning inferring, summarising
USE IT…discuss what I have found out with others and make connections

TASK inquiring readers go through a process to gather, organise and respond to new information. We have been using  the ‘GET IT, SORT IT, USE IT’ process for our own reading inquiry.

My inquiry question was… how can I help with endangered species

I can research using a range of sources
I can keep asking questions as a research
I can sort information and see patterns
I can show changes in my thinking
I can co-operate with others to discuss ideas
I can share my learning with others
I can manage my own learning and behaviour to work independently

This Is my reading contract

This is my poster

These are pictures of my hexagon groups.
This the colour code meanings

This is a picture of a panda that I drew on my poster

How did my thinking change during my inquiry? 
It didn't change really
What patterns did I notice?
That most mammals are endangered because there habitat is being taken away

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  1. I wonder why your thinking didn't change? Was it because you already knew the answer I wonder? Asking the right question is quite tricky! Sometimes too people only look for the answers they want/expect to see - which too is a tricky part of inquiring! You have certainly developed your connections by using hexagons, well done.