Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Clay day

Reflection. Really fun  but hard at the same time
W.a.l.t  evaluate.
Ray has a job of art for a living she told lots of things we need to know about clay.
The clay we used.
The clay we used was a clay that doesn't need water that needs to be put in it. It is air dry clay that dries in the sun and places that have lots air but they dry very quickly so you have to work fast but you need to be gentle with it. 
Ray told us a story the story goes like this 
Ray was teaching a class of year 8s five of them were really good so they held an art club at lunch there was a long line of fifty two people from year one to year eight waiting outside the hall. When they went in they each chose a class to be in then the five year eights started teaching and they had no teachers with them to help out. The end.

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  1. Thanks Devin! You have described our day well. I like the way that you shared a story with your audience that Rei shared with us. What advice would you give to someone who has never used clay before? What do they need to know?