Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Treaty cinquain

Walt: write cinqains
Cinqains are poems that are short and easy to write .they follow the format bellow they have a set number of lines that they have to be that goes like this:
1st line:one word this acts as your title.
2nd line: two words these are describing words about your title
3rd line: three words some action words to do with the title
4th line: four words feelings about the title
5th line: one word that is a synonym or a word that means the same as the title.
Our task was to write a cinqain about the treaty of waitingi
Here is mine and Ana's cinqain
Valuable, important
Instructive, joins, determines
Definitely, optimistically, fairly, safely
By Devin and Ana 
How to pronounce Ana name (aahhnga)           

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