Monday, 17 February 2014

100$ word challenge

The value of my name $54 my name is devin Walt to use part of our doubles knowlege.
What word is worth 100?
I decided to find the closest word to 100  I tried intro,introduce,Dunlop,musical,instruments and then finally I get the word closest to 100 it is ... Onehundred it= $95 yay!!!!!!!!!here's my proof

What is the most expensive country? 
I tried to get as close to 100 as I could but it turns out I got over 100 I got 147$ The country was... Germany that is so cool I think YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm was really relieved when i found this out because it's one of my favourite country's and my dad used to live near there.

What is the least exsepensive country?
I tried to get it around  20 but i got 13%over twenty i got $34 at least I tried my best ;)

1 comment:

  1. Wow, you really applied yourself to this learning Devin. You did lots of working out and tried lots of different words. Would my name (David) be worth more than your's?